Reflections of a Watermelon Summer

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Kansas City, Mo: Charles Schultz’s beloved Snoopy pounded his type writer for twenty years and never found a home for his "dark and stormy night". Northland author, and mother of eight, Charlene Basham has found a home for her first novel; Reflections of a Watermelon Summer, with Authorhouse Publishing Inc.

Order by calling 1-888-280-7715 for $13.80 + s&h

Is she thrilled? "I am so exited about this. When I saw the cover galley (proof copy of the cover) I cried. Then, when I was presented with my author copies I cried again."

The book is a story about two young people growing up in the eighties, their courtship, and the problems they faced on the road to their wedding.

"My late husband, who inspired me to write this book, called the book Laura Ingalls meets The Sopranos," said Mrs. Basham "But it’s so much more. It’s a coming of age story with true moral conflict. Along with laughter, tears, fears, you name it and this story grabs you buy the guts and as you go through you will fall in love with the characters."

It’s this moral conflict that drives the novel and gives it a sense of humor, suspense and the ability to reach anyone with its central theme. Love can win if you have faith.

"The main characters fight some formidable enemies. The most dangerous ones are themselves." she stated. "We let adversity get in the way of what we want so often, it’s a common reaction. Sometimes we let the world dictate what we settle for or we let the world tell us what we should do. In my book the characters hear from the world loudly, but in the end they face it from the strength they find in their love for each other and God."

Yes, she said God. In Reflections, God speaks loud and clear.

"We all have a space inside ourselves that hungers for God. Some people fill the void with drugs or sex or making money. My characters deal with all that. The bottom line is that it is never enough."

"Many people ask me if its a true story. No it is not true, but i have taken memories of my life, the good, bad and ungly and wrapped a new story that many have fallen in love with."

How does a suburban Mom with all those kids wind up writing a book like this?

"I wanted to write a book that my kids could read without turning my hair white. There is so much that is nasty in this world already, I wanted to tell a story that would inspire them and other readers too."

Adversity is no stranger to Charlene. Widowed at age 27, with 4 children under the age of 7, then widowed again at the age of 46 with 3 more children.  She expalines how she feels she has had so many lives wrapped into one.

She has over come so many things in her life as she pushes forward with her new husband, begaining a new chapter of her own life as she spreads the word about this book, that even she picks up and reads again and again like she was catching up with old friends.



Reflections of a Watermelon Summer is available now from the Authorhouse Bookstore at

1-888-280-7715  or online at


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I am curently working on my third book, I do not have a title for it just yet. It is unfolding into a theme that is action packed with some mystery and surprises in it. I beleive it will keep you on the edge of your seat as 'Reflections' might have done for you.  The main characters seem to be following the same loving and funny personalities of Cam and Chay from my first book. As the writer I am excited about this one also. When I have a title, you will be the first to know. Keep checking back with me and I'll keep you updated.

God Bless you. Chay